From the Beginning

Hi, I am Lisa and this is my son Harvey, 
I have been studying British Sign Language for over 5 years, at the beginning not knowing a single sign! With many years of hard work I now have my level 3 in British Sign Language. I realised straight away when learning how amazing and rewarding Sign Language is and how many people are somehow linked to deaf or hard of hearing people, through family, friends and colleagues.
Throughout the last year and a half, I have been teaching adults level 1 in BSL and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, this year my life changed as my son Harvey came along. Since being on maternity leave, I realised how the baby and toddler classes are a major part of many parents, grandparents, carers and of course the children's lives. 
So, I decided to take a chance and start my own class, helping individuals and families making new friends, enjoy new experiences together through songs, games and stories and of course learning a new skill that the whole family can use. 
I also wanted to offer evening classes for adults who want to learn BSL in a fun way, making new friends and starting a hobby without the stress of exams. So, First Signs BSL Adults will be launched later this year.
I hope you can come along to one of our classes soon, we look forward to meeting you. 
Lisa and Harvey

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